Actua Innovació and the Innovation Center of Skolkovo in Moscow have reached an agreement that will allow a company in the country to benefit from the new call of the Skolkovo Softlanding program this year 2020. The selected company will enjoy a stay for free in Skolkovo’s Tecnopark, the largest of its kind in Europe, to open up to the Russian market.
The Actua Innovació’s director, Marc Pons, explained “the goal is to consolidate synergies with international actors in the field of innovation and to establish key strategic collaborations for the development of innovation in the country’s business ecosystem”.
Access to institutions and investors
The aim of the intern program, which will take place next March, is to allow a maximum of three members of the Andorran company the opportunity to take advantage of coworking spaces in the Russian Tecnopark. In addition, a project manager will guide them in the search for investors and potential partners and customers, high-level training, access to Russian institutions and authorities involved in innovation and business development economic diversification. Internships can also become residents of the city of Skolkovo once the programme is completed, with all the advantages offered for attracting and retaining talent.
The agreement started last May when the Russian entity invited Actua to participate in the Startup Village 2019 to learn about the Andorran innovation projects. 10,000 visitors attended the event, representing 4,500 startups from 80 countries and joined by 1,000 investors.
The call opens this Friday and companies specializing in energy efficiency, ICT, biomedicine, nuclear and space technologies can apply. The Russian entity will be in charge of choosing the company selected. Applications can be submitted until February 14th by filling in the following form.