The Tàndem pilot project promoted by ACTUA, ended on Tuesday, May 30th, with Aixovall Center’s Vocational Training students presenting their three projects developed for Perfumeria Júlia. The challenge was about analyzing customer behavior to improve their in-store experiences.
A total of 11 students participated, divided into three groups and coordinated by five teachers and business professionals. Students presented the following projects:
Capturing information inside the store (Winning Project)
It is an application that can capture customer information through a method that combines NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies. This method also provides value to the user. Project by students Andre Filipe Sousa, Anna Sofia Santos, Carles Serra and Suman Sanjana, coordinated by tutors Gemma Minguillón and Emma Roch.
An Interactive welcoming
A screen acting as an advisor when a customer arrives at the store. Through an application, it collects information on customer’s needs and interests. Project by students Soraia Gomes, Alex Cirrincione and Yadelkis Diaz Fonseca, coordinated by tutors Victor Sierra and Lourdes Vilarrubla.
Digitalized Sensorial experience
A ludic and educational area providing services according to customer’s preferences. Data storage while offering a pleasant customer experience. This service can be used to provide training to future point of sale’s image consultants, as well as to provide recommendations to clients depending on the products they use in the session. Project by students Daniel Filipe Rodriguez, Victor Penido and Nerea Capel, coordinated by tutor Josep Camps.
A jury formed by ACTUA, Aixovall’s center of Vocational Training, Perfumeria Júlia and FEDA professionals, was in charge of choosing the winning project.

A Tàndem with Andorran talent

Tàndem’s project is part of the Strategic Plan for Renewal and Improvement of the Andorran Education System (PERMSEA). It was organized by ACTUA and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Government of Andorra. It responds to the need to develop an own model that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Vocational Training in the country. Tàndem consists in introducing learning areas through which companies and organizations are collaborating with the Aixovall’s Vocational Training Center to generate economic and social value. It is in fact an innovation community open to professionals, teachers and students interacting to give response to real and significant challenges present in both Andorran companies and the society in general.

The first pilot project’s challenge consisted on improving the information on Perfumeria Júlia’s customer behaviors, to provide them with products and services tailored to their needs. Tàndem is set to be continuing the next academic year.