The Health and Wellness cluster

Andorra wants to establish itself as a Health destination taking advantage of the 8 million tourists we receive each year with a rising tendency towards the Health and Wellness sector.

This Actua initiative cluster was born with the will to join the country´s Health sector and connect it to the country´s touristic potential. Taking into account the existing offers, improve and adapt them to the expectations of the tourism that visits us. Currently, it includes close to 200 professionals from both inside the country and abroad who, through generated synergies, help diversify our economy and, at the same time, attract and facilitate the implantation of new Health and Medical centers.

One of the tasks being carried out is the mobilization of the country´s Medical actives. We are optimizing existing Health resources and creating new business opportunities for our members. In addition, our aim is to provide Andorran patients with the best Medical technology, bringing it up to date with current treatments, as well as create a new Medical infrastructure for the country and generate a brand image around the concept of Health tourism.

The sports cluster

The sports cluster, not even having existed for a year it already counts 106 companies and 120 members, 96% of which are national. Headed by business woman, triathlete and biologist Laurence Lestang, and the president of Bàsquet Club Morabanc, Gorka Aixàs, it has organized various workshops since its creation, in December 2015.

Recently, a project has been started to characterize the sports sector in Andorra, make an initial diagnosis of the current situation and identify the companies´ strategic aims as well as the agents who shape it. In order to carry out this task we have the help of a consulting firm, specializing in clusters, with a vast experience in strategic analysis and in the reinforcement of competition.

The Education Cluster

The cluster was created with the purpose of promoting educational projects and creating synergies between the public and private sectors. Since its creation it has helped to introduce new educational tools in schools and has collaborated with starting a postgraduate degree in mountain studies, among other initiatives.

It is currently working on an entrepreneurship plan, along with the Ministry of Education and the Center for Vocational Professions, with the aim of creating new projects within businesses, collaborating with professionals from the education sector, and simultaneously motivate the students´ spirit of innovation and retain local talent.


The Actinn cluster

As Andorran society lives in a continuous process of change, as entrepreneurial spirit is imprinted in our DNA, as we want to continue innovating with the times, as the need to collaborate arises...

We are a group of independent companies - innovative or recently created, small, medium and large – as well as institutions, interconnected, belonging to the same sector or market, located in geographic proximity and collaborating in order to be more competitive and to stimulate innovative activity. We promote intense interaction, a shared use of resources, exchange of knowledge and experience so as to efficiently contribute to the transfer of technology, network creation and the spreading of information within the cluster´s companies.