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At Actua, we can offer and provide information regarding:

  • Different types of companies

  • Opening a commerce in Andorra

  • Taxation within Andorran territory

  • Immigration

  • Andorran Social Security

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Basic information

Incorporating a business

In order to set up or create a company in Andorra, first of all, you must incorporate a business. If you are Andorran or a resident of the Principality of Andorra and you want to constitute a business in Andorra you just have to reserve the business name you would like to use, deposit the social capital in an Andorran banking entity and carry out the constitution through a public deed witnessed by a notary. The registration of the business in the Business Registry is automatic*.

In the case of not being Andorran, contact us and we will assist you.

*In order to carry out activities of commerce, industrial or providing services, Andorran businesses must have an authorized commerce.

  • Reserving
    name of the
  • Social capital
  • Depositing
  • Notari
  • Constitution
    witnessed by
  • Registre Cocietats
  • Registration
    in the Business

Opening a commerce

To open a commerce in Andorra you just have to reserve the commerce name you would like to use, whether it be as an Andorran society or as a self-employed resident, you can open your establishment at the Townhall of any parish.

Besides reserving the commerce name, youmust have adequate premises (with a minimum size of 20m2, with electrical installations and with fire extinguisher installation and maintenance) and apply for the opening at the Townhall of your choosing*.

For self-employed people practicing a liberal profession, the opening of a commerce is optional.

* For determined activities, additional specific requirements may be demanded.

  • Reserving
    name of the
  • Local
  • Premises
  • Obertura Comerç
  • Apply for

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From the merging of two projects and the foreign investment law, which opened the doors for investment from abroad, we decided to move ahead with opening the lab in Andorra. We hope to continue growing in both the clinic side as well as the industrial and veterinary one.

Nice Fruit

Nice Fruit
Andorra has a variety of advantages we took into account when we decided to establish the company in the country such as security, legislation and political stability. And after having done so, I was surprised by how much people love living in Andorra. It provides a very high quality of life.

José María Roger, President - Nice Fruit