Data Hub Andorra

Data Hub Andorra is a platform designed to store, cross, connect and process data from many sources of information, with the aim of unifying and centralizing the data generated by different suppliers such as Andorra Telecom, the Government’s Mobility Department, Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra (FEDA), among others.
The main goal is to provide an environment with the latest available architecture and technology in order to to carry out data analysis that allows past, present or future scenarios around themes like turism, traffic or environment. At the same time, it should be able to foresee and model future evolutions to help in the process of decision-making.
Important use cases are being developed for the country. Some of these cases are :
  • Tourism: Thanks to the data provided by Andorra Telecom and others that will be added, real-time analyzes of tourist metrics can be developed: number, segregation by country, average overnight stay per tourist, loyalty, zoning, behavior, flows, ... that will allow to improve significantly the current monitoring and control systems. 
  • Mobility: The mobility department needs more data to be able to know in detail the current state of the road network, the number of vehicles that have traveled a road, more frequent routes, ... From Actua and thanks to multiple data sources, it will jointly develop a mobility model that will allow to respond to these situations of uncertainty. 

The Actua platform must also serve as an inclusive environment capable to generate synergies with other entities to jointly develop new services.