Casa de la Muntanya

La Casa de la Muntanya is a facility designed to promote, disseminate and create new activities to enhance the mountain’s sector. People will be able to book sporting activities or mountain tourism.

The facilities are located at carrer Major 20 in Ordino.

Casa de la Muntanya

The aim is also to provide trainings, to educate and to reinforce the joint work of mountain companies, together with the public administration and other research and innovation entities.

Who make up la Casa de la Muntanya?

The center count with a team made up of more than a dozen people. From fields as diverse as:

  • Escola de Formació de Professions Esportives i de Muntanya d’Andorra (EFPEM)
  • Observatori de la Sostenibilitat d’Andorra (OBSA)
  • Centre d’Estudis de la Neu i de la Muntanya d’Andorra (CENMA)
  • L’Associació de Guies de Muntanya, the sports cluster of Actua, Comú d’Ordino, the Ministry of the Environment, Andorra Turisme, the country’s ski resorts, and representatives of various sports event companies, among others.

What is Casa de la Muntanya like?

La Casa de la Muntanya occupies two spaces: the interactive and exhibition space on the ground floor, and the collaborative work space “El Cim” on the first floor, which are both part of Casa Ferino premises in the centre of Ordino.

It has an interactive space with thematic areas designed to explore, understand, and share mountain information. The space has several audio-visual and technological tools enabling visitors to interact with the different contents.

The five thematic areas:

Touch screens

Four touch screens with various contents, to obtain information on the natural environment of Andorra, a guide to safety and good practices in mountain activities, the dissemination of snow and avalanche situations, a viewer of the roads and trails network in Andorra, games and environmental education activities, and many other contents.

Interactive wall

An area designed to provide a setting with projections of large-format natural scenes that offer an immersive experience to the visitor. The installation is planned to allow interaction between the visitor and the contents. A short film with panoramic views of the Andorran mountains is currently being projected on the wall.

Multimedia space

Projection section conceived to visualize documentaries related to mountains.

3D model

Projections with different layers of information on a 3D model of Andorra that facilitates the interpretation of the orography and the use of the different areas of the country, as well as the integration of simulations and visualisations of spatial analysis. The different ecosystems of Andorra can be currently viewed in a 6-minute projection.

VR Space

Virtual reality glasses that allow you to explore the territory in an immersive way, to contemplate the summits of the highest peaks of Andorra, the numerous lakes, some of them unknown, or the mountain huts.

The space can host travelling exhibitions and artistic montages related to mountains and all its dimensions. The contents of the different areas can be adapted.

SON HÀBITATS, a sound and sensorial composition of the main mountain ecosystems (alpine, forest, rural and aquatic), is currently on display.

A space for the promotion and dissemination of mountain activities

La Casa de la Muntanya is a space for promoting and disseminating mountain activities, using an innovative approach based on new technologies. A space that will also help to promote Andorra’s candidacy to become the first country in the world to be recognised by the UNESCO as a 100% Biosphere Reserve territory. It should also be a meeting point for users and groups related to the mountains and their sporting practices, with La Casa de la Muntanya being the reception and information centre for participants and their companions during major events. For example, the ANDORRA MULTISPORT FESTIVAL, will bring hundreds of sportsmen and women to the country to take part in its different events and competitions.

La Casa de la Muntanya is a space for co-creation that will facilitate the generation of synergies and collaborative projects between companies dedicated to the field of mountain sports, the public administration, and its end users. The facilities will also benefit from projects to be worked on between GSIC-MICROSOFT and other national and International companies.

In addition, it will promote the transfer of knowledge from mountains on multiple levels, from specialised technology to environmental awareness among children, all in a unique environment.

We call you!

We call you!

From the merging of two projects and the foreign investment law, which opened the doors for investment from abroad, we decided to move ahead with opening the lab in Andorra. We hope to continue growing in both the clinic side as well as the industrial and veterinary one.

Nice Fruit

Nice Fruit
Andorra has a variety of advantages we took into account when we decided to establish the company in the country such as security, legislation and political stability. And after having done so, I was surprised by how much people love living in Andorra. It provides a very high quality of life.

José María Roger, President - Nice Fruit