Andorra is a modern country that benefits from a unique and stable political framework, remarkable for its history, its social and natural environment, and, of course, for its dynamic economy, which make it a developed and attractive State for investments. It currently combines a program of reforms based on the opening of the economy to foreign investment, and on fiscal homologation and cooperation.

A prosperous and diverse country

GDP per inhabitant 2015 in Andorra

An economy centered on services

GDP of 2,584 million euros in 2016 (+ 1.9%), an average annual growth of 3.2% since 2000, and total imports of 1,226.1 million euros in 2016, Andorran economy is mainly based on the services sector.

Andorra, an economy centered on services

A solid Public Finances System

The management surplus (38,8 million euros in 2016), cash (22,6 million euros in 2016), and the low level of debt (931 thousand euros in 2016) show the solidity of the Andorran public finances system.

Budget settlement Andorra Debt vs GDP Andorra National Annual Budgetary Report Andorra

Working for a Diversified Economy

Aware of the advantages offered by Andorra to foreign investors in the current economic context, the Government of Andorra has been working for several years on various legal reforms and numerous international agreements to establish a regime open to foreign investment that allows foreigners, not residing in the country, to establish businesses, and invest in all types of assets.

Working for a Diversified Economy

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