5 - September / 2019

Actua and the Government present Andorra’s investment opportunities in Turkey

The Minister of Presidency, Economy and Business, Jordi Gallardo, presented on Thursday, September 5th, in Turkey, the latest investment opportunities in Andorra, before representatives from 39 countries. Invited by the Turkish government and accompanied by the Secretary of State for Economic Diversification and Innovation, Marc Galabert, and Actua Empresa’s director, Judit Hidalgo, the Andorran delegation attended the 88th edition of the Izmir International Fair, which is the most important business event in Turkey.

Gallardo thanked the Turkish Government for inviting them to participate for the first time in this event, which allowed the Andorran delegation to present the country’s initiatives in the field of economic diversification. “We are very happy for having this opportunity to present the Andorran business and investment advantages to government representatives of major global economic powers such as China, and strategically interesting countries such as Turkey (the second most populous country in Europe). The minister recalled "our main goal is to further diversify our economy and work with new international markets.
Gallardo presented Andorra as a country with a solid public finance system, with one of the most competitive tax systems in Europe, with one of the most important safety and quality of life indicators in the world, and as an ideal destination to develop important innovation projects.

High-level bilateral meetings with China and Turkey

Minister Gallardo closed also several bilateral meetings with China's Vice Minister of Commerce, Li Chenggang, and Turkey's Trade Minister, Ruhsar Pekcan. On the table, new collaborations in sectors such as health and tourism were explored with various public and private representatives from both countries.

Actua Empresa’s director, Judit Hidalgo, highlighted the important increase in the Principality's attractiveness for international investors. For Hidalgo, "this forum allows us to reach countries with which we do not normally have such a relationship and we can interact with Turkish companies to offer them the opportunities offered by Andorra in some sectors and to promote the country as an investment destination.
Hidalgo also recalled the process of economic opening of Andorra since 2012 and detailed the most attractive sectors for investors which are Goods and Services activities, Real Estate and Trade. By nationalities, Spaniards (45.2%) and French (24.6%), continue to lead the list of international investors, although Andorra is working to increase investment coming from other countries.