29 - November / 2018

Actua extends by 90,000 euros the program of subsidies for small and medium companies

 The Secretary of State for Economic Diversification and Innovation, Josep Maria Missé, and Actua Empresa’s director, Judit Hidalgo, announced on Thursday, November 29th, an extension of 90,000 euros for Actua’s subsidies programme.
Actua presented in September the first subsidy programme with an amount of 190,000 euros, which was exhausted on November 22nd. In this regard, Missé emphasized that "we have received an avalanche of applications, much more than we expected, and our board of directors agreed to expand the budget by 90,000 euros, in order to accommodate the maximum number of requests for funding.
Actua’s director, Judit Hidalgo recalled that "the purpose of these subsidies was to facilitate and encourage companies in the country that have more limitations to access external professional services, or to incorporate innovation and internationalization processes in their businesses to be more competitive.
190,000 euros already distributed
More than sixty projects from 44 companies in the country will benefit from the 190,000 euros. 58% of this item will be used for web design, positioning and digital marketing related to international markets, 14% for business activity management systems and 12% for e-commerce.
Actua’s subsidies aim at contracting services that contribute to facilitate the access of companies to digitalization, innovation, internationalization and entrepreneurship, and most of all, strengthening their international diversification. The amount granted was limited at 6,000 euros per beneficiary.

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