24 - October / 2019

The Andorra Esports Clúster is presented

Actua presented on Thursday, October 24th, the new Esports Clúster, at the Innovation space. Managers of the first Andorran privatized sports cluster presented the goals and the main guidelines of this new entity. David Hidalgo is the president and Gemma Riu the manager of the cluster.
The Secretary of State for Sports, Justo Ruiz, and Actua Empresa’s director, Judit Hidalgo also attended the presentation and gave a few ideas of the strategy and the first projects that will be presented to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sports sector.
The first three projects in mind will be looking for three clearly defined goals: Getting to know the new sports consumer so that companies can adapt their offer to new trends; becoming a sports destination with the help of the hotel sector and companies, to generate unique experiences; and developing new products and activities to de seasonalise demand and increase turnover throughout the year.
The Secretary of State for Sports emphasized that "we have seen, thanks to the analysis of Actua, that the sports sector directly contributes 8% to Andorra's GDP, hence the importance of mobilising the private sector with the creation of the cluster”.
David Hidalgo, president of the cluster, stressed that "the Andorra Sports Cluster should help companies in the sports sector to consolidate the country as a Sport destination, developing agreed projects to increase the competitiveness of each company. Interested companies can join the cluster sending an email, info@andorraesportscluster.com, or contacting Actua.
Judit Hidalgo, director of Actua Empresa, recalled that "three years ago we identified sport as a key sector in the Andorran economy and with enough business-critical mass to organize a cluster. Today we achieve the cluster’s privatization, but Actua will continue to support it, in collaboration with the managers, in order to develop all the projects that we have in mind”.
Workshop on new trends in sports consumers, with Buff and Roca Salvatella
During the presentation, the cluster announced a workshop, on December 10th, open to public. Copmanies such as Buff and Roca Salvatella will talk about customer knowledge, among others. More details of the conference will be available shortly. 
Proven expertise
Gemma Riu, manager of Andorra Esports Clúster, has a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Certified International Investment Analyst by ACII, Post Degree in Financial Management by EUNCET (UPC), MBA by ESADE, with specialization in finance at Fordham University (New York, USA), and PDG by IESE. After eight years in the banking sector, she joined a renowned family office in 2008 to perform investment analysis and wealth management. In her last period, she’s been CEO of Univers Bomosa for six years. She also served on many boards of directors and has been a member of the CEA.