29 - May / 2019

The budget for the second edition of the Actua’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises is exhausted

This Wednesday, May 29th, the allocation of 180,000 euros to finance services for Andorran companies was exhausted. The aim of this Actua’s second Edition program was to support the transformation of Andorran companies, increasing its competitiveness and facilitating internationalisation processes.
Actua has received so far, 71 applications. The subsidy granted was a maximum of 80% of the cost of the contracted services (taxes not included), with a limit of 4,000 euros per beneficiary.
First edition of the #SubvencionsActua
In September 2018, Actua presented the first call for proposals for the subsidy programme with an initial amount of 190,000 euros, subsequently extended by 90,000 euros more. Of the 141 applications, 88 were approved and 53 were rejected due to non-compliance with the bases or exhaustion of the financial allocation. 24% of the projects submitted were related to Retail and hospitality sector, and 10% to companies with their own products and distribution.
The programme was aimed to contracting services that contribute to facilitating the company's access to digitalisation, innovation, internationalisation and international diversification.