11 - October / 2017

Carlos Fernández Guerra’s conference organized by ACTUA, was sold out crowd

"Adapting to the continuous innovation of the digital world" was the name of the conference given by Carlos Fernández Guerra, one of the world's most famous Community Managers. The event, organized by Actua, was held on Wednesday, October 11th, with 200 people filling the Consòrcia hall at the Congress Centre of Andorra la Vella.
In his first visit to Andorra, Fernández talked about the new trends and opportunities that social networks offer to both businesses and citizens. He also warned of the risks and gave some tips to avoid them. He mainly focused on highlighting the importance of digital transformation and how companies can make the most of it.
Fernández Guerra reviewed the communicative strategy he used during his time in the Spanish National Police, consisting in a smart management of problems derived from crimes in the digital environment. The combination of humour and responsibility made Twitter’s @policia account one of the most influential in the world, surpassing the FBI's number of followers. The style of the Spanish police was even copied by the CIA.

In the final part of the conference, attendees posed many questions related to the digital environment.
Fernández Guerra is currently the Digital & Social Media Director for Iberdrola and is a professor of Communication of over 30 master degrees, specialized trainings, business schools and universities.