27 - July / 2017

The French newspaper Les Échos approach the Andorran potential as a technology Lab

The prestigious French economic newspaper, Les Echos, has published an article addressing the current economic trends of Andorra and its ongoing main projects.

"Andorra has opted for a development model based on attracting talent in the country, creating a unique added value and generating products and services for the European market. Thanks to our collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), We are promoting innovative projects related to tourism and sustainable development, especially in the field of mobility. The electric vehicle is one of the projects already being started, representing 5% of the total of registered vehicles, positioning this way Andorra as the third country in terms of percentage of sales of this type of vehicles, behind Norway and Holland, "commented Gilbert Saboya, Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation.

The Secretary of State for Economic Diversification, Josep Maria Missé, stressed that "companies and creators of innovative projects can come to Andorra to test their technological solutions."

In the same article, ActuaTech Foundation’s director, Yann Baucis, presented the new Andorran Innovation Center, to be inaugurated in September: "This space will facilitate the relationship between entrepreneurs and researchers, but also integrating a pedagogical aspect. In this regard, citizens must be an active part of the projects, understanding them and making them their own. "

The French tabloid highlighted it is the first time the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) develops a "Smart Country" project in a country. Therefore, the BigData, managed by the ActuaTech Foundation, is the main argument to sustain this partnership between the prestigious American institution and the Principality.

Article of the economic newspaper Les Echos