18 - October / 2018

Judit Hidalgo, director of Actua Empresa, interviewed in RNA

Judit Hidalgo was invited on Thursday, October 18th, in Ràdio Nacional d’Andorra. In the interview conducted by the director of the program "Ara i Aquí", Àlex Lliteras, the director of Actua Empresa reviewed her first year in the company and detailed ongoing and future projects.

Hidalgo reported on the program of allocations for small and medium companies and said "in just four weeks third of the amount was already granted. Specifically, 21 applications have already been accepted for a total amount exceeding 60,000 euros. We expect the 130,000 euros still available to be exhausted before December 14th, which is the deadline for submitting proposals”. These grants are intended to promote internationalization, digitization and business optimization.

The director of Actua Empresa also mentioned other programs promoted by Actua, such as the Tàndem project’s third edition, which puts Vocational Training students in contact with companies, and the second phase of Google Business View to position shops Online.

 She also talked about the business events calendar that will be presented by the end of the month. Andorran businesses will be able to share their activities in a specific and single platform.

 With regards to Actua’s international strategies, Hidalgo highlighted the agreements signed with Barcelona Tech City, Business France, and the latter with La Mêlée. In addition, she recalled that next November, Actua will take part, for the third year, in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. For the first time, several Andorran companies will promote their projects in the Actua’s stand.