10 - January / 2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology students return to Andorra to teach in Andorran schools

Five students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are teaching high school students from Andorra's three educational systems in an exchange program that was born last year, thanks to the collaboration agreement with the North American university centre, signed by the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Eric Jover, and by the general director of Vall Banc, Michael Johannes Christner.
From January 9th to February 1st, MIT students will teach Andorrans in science. This second edition of the programme promoted by MISTI (MIT International Science Technology Initiatives), has a grant of 12,000 euros from Vall Banc.
In a press conference, Minister Eric Jover said the main objectives of this programme are to improve English skills of Andorran students, as well as their scientific level. Hi also emphasized "how important it is to stimulate scientific vocation in students".
Text and picture: Govern d'Andorra