22 - November / 2019

The Network of Inclusive Companies counts already 27 members

Alta Riba Distribució, Infinity Immobiliaris, Centre de Serveis Assistencials Salita and Ilunion Bugaderia Industrial joined the Network of Inclusive Companies last Thursday by signing an agreement with the Presidency, Economy and Business Minister, Jordi Gallardo. The companies received the badge that identifies them as inclusive companies.The Network of Inclusive Companies was a project created by the Government in 2016, within the framework of the strategy for the employment inclusion of people with disabilities. Today, 27 companies and 29 jobs are integrated into the Network.

The minister Jordi Gallardo highlighted the program, which goal is to "facilitate the right to work of people with other abilities and to promote equal opportunities. In this sense, the minister said "the signing of those agreements is very important because it demonstrates a true awareness and involvement of the companies with the country”.

Therefore, the members of the Inclusive Companies’ Network are committed to identifying job offers that could be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and register them to the Servei d'Ocupació, which would eventually recommend applicants with the most adapted profile, so that the inclusive company can make the final selection.

The companies identified as inclusive benefit from support services by the Servei d'Ocupació, including a labour coach to prepare the worker to his incorporation in the company and during his adaptation process.

Text and photo: Govern d'Andorra