29 - April / 2019

Peru sets Andorra as a model of innovation

The director of Actua Innovació, Marc Pons, participated on April 29th and 30th in several meetings in Lima invited by the Universidad del Pacífico. This university, one of the most important in the country, was interested in Andorran innovation projects and the National Data Hub, promoted by Actua.
Pons presented around twelve projects to a classroom full of engineers, teachers and students. He talked about methods for tourism analysis, natural risks, mobility, urban planning, noise pollution, solar impact, a Blockchain laboratory and the use of Drones. Pons emphasized that "we are working to reinforce this kind of collaborations that began two years ago, which also promotes participation between companies, the public sector and the private sector".
Michelle Rodriguez, Dean of the Engineering Faculty of Universidad del Pacífico, said "we discovered with Andorra a country committed to Innovation and Open Innovation, generated with multiple research centres, cities and institutions. This model attracts our attention, and this is why we would like to replicate it in our country. Rodríguez emphasized "the collaboration with Actua has enabled our students and Andorran researchers to work together, being able to adapt many of Andorra's initiatives in Lima".
The "Intelligent Cities: Technologies to create sustainable cities", were attended by experts from U.S. institutions and the Peruvian government, who have used the innovation model of Andorra as a study case.
At the same time, engineering students from the Universidad del Pacífico, who for the past two years have been collaborating in Andorra on several projects, presented their contributions. Javier Zárate, Vanessa Alcántara, Gabriela Yaulli and Jesús García highlighted the ease with which data can be obtained and crossed, and the country's commitment to innovation.
Subsequently, bilateral meetings were held at the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation of the government of Peru (CONCYTEC) and it was agreed that a Peruvian delegation will travel this fall in Andorra to advance in the development of several projects taking as an example the innovation model of the Principality.
Many Peruvian reference Media such as the newspaper Gestión y Radio Programa del Perú (RPP) also asked to know in detail the Andorran projects that have been the central theme of round tables, interviews to written press and videos to websites and social networks.
Business and Research Conferences
The "Intelligent Cities: Technologies to create sustainable cities", aside of the research aspect, also have a business approach, so that international collaborations between private and public sector companies are analysed to develop several projects jointly. The purpose is to achieving cleaner, more productive, fairer and safer cities by connecting technological solutions with social needs. The conferences closed with a great success of participation.