22 - December / 2017

The recharging of electric vehicles in Andorra will be free on public transit areas for the first two hours.

The recently approved tariffs’ Decree for electric mobility vehicles’ recharging services stipulates that the first two hours on slow or accelerated chargers will be free on public transit areas and the extra hours will cost 5 euros each. For fast chargers, the first hour is set free of charge and then a cost of 10 euros per hour. In both cases, however, billing will be made in fractions of 15 minutes. To use the chargers, a personal prepaid card is needed, and will be available for purchase from January onwards.
With regard to domestic chargers, they may be supplied by sale or hire, and the price is EUR 8,11 or 16 per month depending on the power and characteristics of the charger. For industrial chargers, the price is fixed at 16 euros per month. In both cases, until December 2018 a 50% discount on the price will be applied.
Leading global sales
In 2015 an agreement was signed between the Government, FEDA, the electricity distribution companies, the Automòbil Club d'Andorra and the Associació d’Importadors de Vehicles d’Andorra, for the implementation of the electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle in Andorra. This led to the development of the Engega Plan, which in 2016 achieved a market share of 4.83% for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids, leading the world rankings. Subsequently, in 2017, the Government, FEDA, Nord Andorrà SA, Mútua Elèctrica de Sant Julià de Lòria, Sercensa and Unió Elèctrica d' Encamp, signed an agreement for the implementation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Andorra, which made it possible to set tariffs by means of the recently approved Decree.