What is La Mêlée?

La Mêlée, which was established eighteen years ago, is an association that promotes the digital sector and unites numerous actors from the Occitània region. It is a lab for ideas and projects made up of over 600 members and 20.000 professionals, independents, startups, research groups, investors and students whose common denominators are the digital world and innovation.

The entities objectives are to energize, connect and support young companies, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, activate market entry and, generally participate in the region´s growth. La Mêlée organizes various events in Toulouse and Montpellier, such as “La Nuit des Réseaux, the JobsTIC Forum, the Décideurs Informatiques Forum, Meet The Big, La Mêlée Numérique” among others.

The association offers several services:
  • La Cantine, NovaMêlée and InnoStation. In Toulouse, La Cantine and NovaMêlée are co-working spaces that provide a privileged place from which to work, either alone or in a team setting and allowing professional interaction during the 400 annual events. InnoStation, in Montpellier, is a space which hosts events, commissions and members.
  • Le Starter, pre-incubator for emerging companies, supports promoters of innovative projects in their first steps towards incubators.
  • Open Innovation: organizing workshops, visits to acclimatize to the digital world and hackathons, with an objective of improving agility, innovation capacity and fitting into the market for companies of all sizes.