Set up a business in Andorra

Local Investors

Incorporate a company

If you are Andorran or resident in the country and you want to create a company, you just need to reserve a company name, diposit the share capital before an Andorran banking entity, and proceed to the public deed of incorporation before a Notary. The company registration before the Company Registry is automatic*.

Steps to create a company in Andorra
*In order to open a business (Commercial services or industrial activities), Andorran companies must obtain a business licence.

Open a business

Andorran companies or resident sole traders can open a business before each Town Hall of every parish: You just need to reserve a business name, accredit an adequate location (with minimum 20m2 store or office, electrical grid conformity and a fire extinguisher maintenance contract) and apply for the business licence before the Town Hall*.
Business opening is optional for liberal professional sole traders.

Steps to open a business in Andorra
* Other criteria might be requested according to specific business activities.

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