Set up a business in Andorra

Foreign Investors

Andorra established an open framework for foreign investments allowing foreign non-residents to create companies in the country, open businesses and invest in all kinds of assets, according to the conditions detailed below.

Constitution or participation in Andorran companies

The constitution procedures or those for share acquisitions or transfer is quite similar other countries, requesting as a unique additional condition a prior investment authorization filling an easy and free application form.*
This same procedure is applicable for all sorts of Andorran constitution, extension, branch or permanent establishment.
Andorran companies constitution
Once the company name is registered, foreign investment is obtained, and the investor can deposit the share capital before an Andorran banking entity and proceed to public deed of incorporation before a Notary. The company registration before the Company Registry is automatic.

Andorran companies constitution

Andorran social and company capital share acquisition
10% acquisition or more in Andorran social and company capital shares are subjected to an authorization for foreign direct investment in order to formalize any operation before a notary.

 Steps for Andorran social and company capital share acquisition

* In order to open a business (Commercial services or industrial activities), Andorran companies must obtain a business licence.
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Property investments

Non-resident foreign investors can acquire properties or substantive laws on properties; obtain public concessions that represent a private use of properties located in the Principality of Andorra via foreign direct investment authorization on properties.

Steps for a property investment in Andorra

Portfolio investments

The investment by foreign non-residents via the subscription of securities represented by loans issued by resident persons in Andorra or Andorran legal persons and the subscription of shares or preferential shares which do not include the draft of shares of shares or shares of investment entities governed by the Andorran rules are not subjected to any authorization or declaration criteria.*

* Values considered direct investments are excluded.

Other forms of investments

Other forms of investment not mentioned above can be made (i.e.: via in joint contract accounts, foundations, cooperatives or community property), obtaining authorization for other forms of foreign investment.

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