Sensorization of the Andorran Elementary school in Andorra la Vella

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has designed a combination of tools and sensors, called MITs and TerMITes, which capture behavioral patterns and help to study habits related to the consumption of energy.

The characteristics are:


Its platform is still a prototype, and in order to test this technology around 40 sensors have been installed at the Andorran school in Santa Coloma


Gamification will allow us to develop the educational component, where students will learn to interact with the sensors and understand their functioning as well as their functionality. This learning process will also help improve the sensors and the user experience.i


This deployment of sensors will permit the gathering of measurements and studying the impact of the building´s energy consumption on the school´s day to day life.

Project objectives:

  1. Test the sensors developed by MIT.
  2. Investigatehow to study energy consumption taking into account the patterns of usage.
  3. Makethe technology accessible to the younger students so that they can materialize their ideas and projects.
  4. Connectcitizens with this innovation project.
  5. Promotecollaboration between institutions