What is Actua?

Conscious of the advantages that Andorra has to offer foreign investors in the current economic context, the Government of Andorra has promoted the Actua program: a public/private agency, made up of several ministries, government agencies, associations and organizations from  the private sector. Its mission is to increase competitiveness, innovation and the sustainability of the economy within the Principality. The business side (Invest in Andorra) is headed up by Judit Hidalgo and the innovation side (Innovation Hub Andorra) by Marc Pons.

The Actua Program [Iniciativa Actua] has been developed in parallel with legal reforms and  suppored by all the country´s economic agents, with the aim of facilitating investments and economic diversification in Andorra.

What Actua can do for you

  • SUPPORT in the process of setting up your business.
  • PROVIDE International contacts for your business.
  • CONNECT your company with the country´s key players.
  • OFFER all necessary information to ensure your project´s success.
  • INNOVATE with you: infrastructure creation, projects and contacts helping you to make the jump.
  • FACILITATE contact wth the Public Administration and following up on different administrative procedures.